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Local organization Gaskov Clergé Foundation (GCF) Appointed as Official Facilitator for Relief Efforts in Les Cayes, Haiti

Mayor of Les Cayes, Haiti appoints GCF as the official point of contact (POC) for disaster relief funds collection

For Immediate Release

October 7, 2016 – West Palm Beach, FL – GCF - Gaskov Clergé Foundation has been appointed by the Mayor of Les Cayes, Haiti to be responsible for collecting all disaster relief funds and facilitating relief efforts by the Haitian Diaspora. On October 7, 2016, Mayor and Municipal Council President, Jean-Gabriel Fortuné released the following statement:

“The Municipal Council of Les Cayes informs the citizens of Les Cayes, the country as a whole, and the Haitian Diaspora that the Gaskov Clergé Foundation has been appointed to receive funds on behalf of the population of Les Cayes and to facilitate all relief efforts with Haitians Living Abroad. The Foundation is also authorized to create and organize subunits for relief efforts, as needed. 

A memorandum of understanding, between the Municipal Council of Les Cayes and the Gaskov Clerge Foundation, will define the responsibilities of each party to this agreement.”

Signed in Les Cayes, on October 7th 2016,

Jean Gabriel FORTUNE

Mayor, President of the Municipal Council

The Gaskov Clergé Foundation (GCF), as it has always done in its 17 years of existence, is responding to this challenge with calm, integrity and professionalism. The collection and disbursement of funds will be made in complete transparency with public access to total amount donated and names of donors (unless privacy is requested). GCF has identified and continues to identify local suppliers in Haiti that can provide water, food, some medicine, and other essential products. We are asking that you donate money instead of goods. This strategy will allow us to intervene faster on the ground, while simultaneously providing a boost to the local economy. This relief activity will only cover the first 90 days of the recovery effort and will provide food, water, medication, and other basic necessities to the population of Les Cayes. It does not include activities related to reconstruction and long-term recovery. Frequent updates will be made available via:

Website: www.gaskov.org

Twitter: @GaskovClergeFdn

Instagram: @GaskovClergeFoundation

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gaskovclergefoundation

For more information, please contact:

Cosy Joseph

GCF-Gaskov Clergé Foundation

Email: Matthew-Cayes@gaskov.org

Phone: (561) 510-5113

Hashtag: #MathewCayesRelief


About The Gaskov Clergé Foundation

The Gaskov Clergé Foundation (GCF - www.gaskov.org) was established in 1999 to perpetuate the legacy of Gaskov Clergé. The foundation is a nonprofit 501c(3) philanthropic organization established to promote health, sports, education and sciences in both the United States and Haiti. GCF is the managing operator of Klinik Fonfred in Les Cayes, Haiti. 

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